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By 2021 we want to be the number one online printing company, providing new job opportunities to the increasing number of graphic designers and web programming graduates, many of them who won't get to execute their professional careers after graduation. 

We want to save money to companies in print media, making savings into a source for developing their enterprises.

Together through your purchases and trust, we can become the number one printing company.

We believe every brand should deliver its unique personality and avoid templates.

By 2023 we want to be able to have over 100 graphic designers and web programmers working for what they love doing.

By 2025 we want to be able to duplicate the number of employees under a brand through the effectiveness of our tools.

By 2030 we want to be able to sponsor ten different nonprofit good causes to give back to our community. Logos, in the actuality, proudly sponsors and helps three nonprofit organizations. 

We exist to improve your advertising and printing services as your reliable marketing agency source.

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Our goal is to be able to offer:

- Quality graphic design in each product.

- Competitive rates on products and services.

- Job opportunities and professional training for new graduates.

- Financial stability, to be able to collaborate with our team and other good causes on our community.

Print Media


At Logos, we have 15 years of experience in the marketing and publicity design industry. 

We believe our firm exists to provide you with the best brand care and give you a professional service for your advertising needs.

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Our Experience

 We've been focusing on marketing, print media, and custom graphic design for 15 years. 

We count with advance printers and experts in the field to provide you with the best marketing solutions. 

What differentiates us from our competitors is that everyone at logos is qualified, experienced, and passionate about the Science of Marketing and the Art of Graphic Design, Web Programming, and Sign Manufacturing.

Your order will be custom made, guarantee!

Our Marketing Tools 

We offer great products, $1 to $900, more affordable than our online competitors. With our price match program, we can guarantee that you won't pay more on printed tools, we hope this saves you money so that you can invest in other essential marketing areas that can impulse and help your company to get to the next level.

We offer you a 12% return of your investment (R.O.I.) above the average of 4%, stated by the F.B.A., on print media. At logos, we can help you maintain or increase your marketing results periodically. For that, we can offer you excellent tools for the adequate experience and communication of your brand. 

Set a consultation today and learn more about how your company can thrive!

Rio Grande Valley

We are located in South Texas. 

The RGV hosts places like South Padre Island, and McAllen, TX., which mall sells an average of $80 billion every year during the holiday season.

Do Business in McAllen TX.


Our Logo Origin

Logos is the Greek word for "the word of God." The Vectors are Celtic symbols that mean love and creativity, and they interlace each other in one symbol that represents our believes and purpose, which is to do everything as if done to our amazing God.

A word from the founder

Couldn't make it without you!

At the dawn of 2020, I find myself recovering from hard work both at Logos and on diverse nonprofit causes.

Looking at how brands that have trust Logos, are growing and people who have booked consulting sessions are now in the path of success, makes me glad and gives me enough motivation to start a new year with expectation.

There is nothing more rewarding than to provide what many people on our country needs, which is someone to take them seriously, giving them a word of professional advice and encouraging them to see that they can also thrive. 

It is a great satisfaction to see the fruits of nonprofit organizations that Logos supports, filling up rooms, and gathering resources to help financially and through education to those who need it the most.

If you are new to logos, I want to personally welcome you and give you, as a way of my appreciation, a free consultation over the phone. Email me to schedule your consultation at

If you are a graduate of the graphic design industry, a marketing graduate, or a web programmer, I want you to know that your future is bright under our umbrella and that your dreams and aspirations can still come true.

Lastly, to you, dear client. Many of you have become friends over the years, and I want to properly recognize your support in what once was a dream and today is a thriving business. As a way of acknowledging your trust and support, please contact me and get a gift and a free marketing consultation.


Victor Sotomayor

CEO - Marketing Scientist

Logos Publicity Firml, LLC.

Logos at Toy Drive 2019

Logos at Toy Drive 2019